Sponge Blasting

Remove industrial coatings, heavily rusted steel, abrade or profile upto 100+ microns (4+mils)


Our 200hp Sponge–Jet Machine & Recycler
Our 200hp Sponge–Jet Machine & Recycler

Low Dust Abrasive Blasting Technology.

Sponge–Jet is the world’s leader of clean, dry, low dust, reusable surface preparation media and equipment.

From delicate cleaning to selective coating removal to aggressive profiling of industrial substrates, Sponge–Jet offers a wide range of surface preparation solutions and benefits.

Sponge–Jet’s low dust, low ricochet and recyclable process offers:

Lower fugitive emissions
Less worker exposure and fatigue
Less eye and other harmful injuries
Enhanced visibility and first-pass quality
Fewer defects and rework, keeping projects on schedule
High-quality surface preparation in sensitive or confined areas
A solution for preparing surfaces near finished coatings, instruments and equipment
Low inbound and outbound freight
Less pollution, waste generation, fines and reporting
Improved community relations
The ability for other trades to work nearby
Less down time, improved asset availability
Coatings perform longer, saving on maintenance costs
Easier staging, containment, ventilation and clean up
Less waste, disposal and material handling

And, as a result from all the above:

Greater production and efficiency
Less liability, litigation, compliance reporting
Improving both environmental and corporate efficiency
Increase in production

MS Steel plate Sponge blasted
MS Steel plate Sponge blasted
Sponge media ready to be recycled
Sponge media ready to be recycled